GATES 2023, Special Chapter!

As you should be familiar with the means of transportation to Braga and the venue of Warung Kopi Limarasa by now, Pak Ari invites you to attend his creative writing workshop as part of Art Braga on September 16, 2023, from 10:00 through 14:00 WIB.

There is a Rp75,000 registration fee with benefits including a certificate, free refill drink, lunch, art materials, and a chance for your poem to be displayed in Warung Kopi Limarasa, and for you to recite it on September 23, 2023 if you wish to.

We will not be assembling in FIB beforehand and will instead meet up in the venue.

For more informations, you can visit Pak Ari’s instagram post about the event here.

To register yourself, you can click the link here.

You are not required to wear your nametag, and there is no dress code.

This event is optional to attend, but Pak Ari is looking forward to your presence.


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