Sephia’s Speech in Asian-African Conference Model 2023

“PUBLIC SPEAKING? GOD–That’s a total nightmare,” some people would think like that. This is normal because you will speak in front of many people that you don’t know what they will think about you. When standing in front of many people, there will be many eyes fixed on you and it will make you look stiff because you’re afraid of making a mistake. This might also make your mind go blank, yes, because we’re too nervous. 

However, every problem has a solution, like this one. Yep! you’re right, this article will take you to 9 tips and tricks for public speaking so you can overcome your ‘stage fright’. Let’s check it out!

  1. Practice more and prepare yourself, it’s okay to feel nervous.

It’s normal to feel nervous, especially when dealing with something you’re not used to. But, don’t let that nervousness take over you. Practice and thorough preparation will make you less nervous because you have considered things that might happen when you speak.

You can record yourself practicing, talk in front of the mirror, or practice in front of your friends and ask for their opinion.

  1. Find out and know your audience!

Knowing who your target audience is one of the most important things when speaking in public. This helps you determine the right choice of words, information, and manner of presentation.

  1. Prepare the material and create the most effective way to deliver your purpose.

Determine the core material you want to convey. Make small notes containing the main topic, main content, main purpose, and conclusions from the material presented. Don’t forget to grab the audience’s attention in the first 30 seconds!

  1. See audience feedback and apply it to your speech

Don’t just focus on how you appear in public, but also pay attention to the reactions and feedback from the audience. If you are too stiff, it will make your audience bored and lessen their attention.

Slipping in some humor and a little story would be good too!

  1. Don’t be someone else. Just be you!

Just be yourself. No need to try to be a different person on stage. You will look more attractive and radiant if you show your true personality. 

  1. Make an outline, don’t read too much when you’re on stage

Keep eye contact with the audience. Too focused on the writing or slides that you display will more likely make the audience bored.

  1. Use your voice intonation and body movements effectively to divert nervousness

When you speak in public, not only your voice is heard, but non-verbal communication like your body movements will also be the center of attention. 

So pay attention to your body language while on stage!

  1. Make an interesting speech to attract the audience’s attention and close it with a cool ending

Instead of opening a speech in a mainstream way like “today I will present …” it’s better to use a startling statement, an interesting anecdote, or a concise quotation. At the end, make a summary of the material you delivered and use a strong statement to make a great closing.

  1. Make the best use of the available tools when you speak

To deliver an effective and engaging speech, it is essential to maximize the use of the available tools at your disposal. These tools can include visual aids, such as PowerPoint presentations or props, audio or video recordings, or even technological devices like microphones for podiums.

By doing so, you can elevate your speaking skills and engage your audience more effectively.

Apply these public speaking tips consistently, and you can become an impactful and influential speaker, leaving a lasting impression on your audience and achieving your communication goals! Remember, practice and persistence are key essentials, and participating in a competition is one of them.

Stay tuned for the Padjadjaran English Competition and Be Ready to showcase your skills!


Writer: Vira Farhatul Maula Somantri Putri


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