GATES 2023, Chapter Two

For this week, GATES will once again be held on a Saturday, on September 23, 2023, to be exact.

A presentation by GEMASI’s board of committee will be taking place, so you are advised to bring a laptop, notebook, or any other means of note-taking that suits you best.

The dress code for the day is casual wear, but please wear a collared top, and bring your nametag.

The event will take place at the third floor of Building C, on the first room facing the stairway. You can head straight there and choose any available seats. You are expected to arrive before 08.20 WIB.

As several other events will also be taking place at the same building at the same time, please be mindful, and remember to respect others.

After the presentation, there will be several party games you can partake in, so just remember to have fun!


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