GATES 2023, Final Chapter

The conclusion of GATES 2023 is just around the corner. We would like to invite Young Griffins, Gemasians, and Alumni to attend the event on Saturday, September 30, 2023.

The event will start on 08.20 WIB, a Post-to-Post challenge will be held shortly after, in which everyone have a chance to join the fun. You must bring your own Unpad Necktie and Poncho Raincoat as it will be needed in some posts. They would still be available for borrowing, but on a limited quantity.

After the challenge is over, Young Griffins will make a big choice, as an election for their representative in Gemasi’s Committee of Student’s Representatives (BPA) will then take place.

To close out GATES 2023, a potluck will be held with an open mic so that everyone has a chance to perform. Also, don’t forget to bring your meal to share.

We highly suggest that you wear comfortable clothes, as the activities will be held outdoor. Also, don’t forget to bring your nametag!

Once again, this event is open for Young Griffins, Gemasians, and Alumni.

Be ready to embark on Final Chapter of GATES 2023. See you there!


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