Padjadjaran English Competition 2023: Where Voices of the Noble Minds Were Finally Spoken

After a long time of preparation, ideas were finally expressed, stories were told, and thoughts were shared. To bring out unique perspectives and powerful voices, Padjadjaran English Competition 2023 with the theme “Inside the Noble Mind,” spanning from high school to varsity level and held on November 4th and 5th, 2023, brings together the young minds that are eager to showcase their talents in essay writing, speech, poetry reading, and storytelling competitions.

Each participant, with 97 participants in total from 25 high schools and 15 universities from 9 different provinces around Indonesia, gave their best performances, thoughts, and words to voice all the noise inside their heads. It produced outstanding and proud results in which PEC has received various impressions from both the participants and the judges who attended and were involved that this event had been carried out well.

Widya Wulandari’s Performance on Final Round

“I found a lot of new things that I’ve just learned, especially the suggestions and new knowledge from the judges, and besides the poetry reading competition that I joined, I also got a lot of new experiences and new information about the noble mind from other parts of this competition, such as speech and so on. I think they’re really cool.”

Widya Wulandari, the winner of the poetry reading competition at the varsity level, when asked about her impressions after participating in PEC 2023.

This cannot be separated from the hard work and careful preparation of the PEC’s team, who devoted their time from the beginning. Not only because of the team, participants, and judges, this event would not have happened without support from other parties, which are Unilever Clear, Cakap, Wall Street English, Hotel Aminda, Heavenly Blush, and Detik Print Jatinangor as the sponsors of this event. And also our gratitude to PEC’s media partners which are Pikiran Rakyat, What’s New Bandung, Kanal Media Unpad, and Bandung Info.

The competitions not only foster a deep appreciation for English literature and communication skills but also celebrate the future leaders, writers, and storytellers of our society. With each passing year, it continues to inspire and empower a new generation of wordsmiths and communicators, highlighting the enduring importance of language and its boundless potential.


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